Episode 54: "BCD, I Drove All Night" by Unheard Sound Collective's Jean-Sébastien Truchy

Truchy bookends the playlist with the most difficult track selected here. To be fair, he does ease us into the maelstrom by slowly building a crackling wall of white noise, before precipitously dropping us off into a quieter, more expansive space. Here a subdued rumble and pretty two note string refrain wait at the periphery. Truchy’s soaring operatic vocal work is heard faintly from some niche far across the room as electric outer space zaps dart overhead and scattered piano notes wander through the space. Then BAM! The wall of white noise is back, compounded, harsher, and angry beyond reckoning. Even though I know it’s coming, it still hits me in the face. every. time. precisely because I’m caught up in listening to the fine quiet details of the interlude. The confrontational quality to the composition is anything but subtle, a pill best swallowed whole. It makes me think especially of the Visitors Centre at the Frank Slide in BC. Here you can stand on the rubble field that was once the mountain that wiped out the mining town of Frank in a matter of seconds when it literally collapsed in a massive rockslide. You can’t just drive past this place. You have to stop and take it in.

The track title connects back to the driving thematic developed in the latter half of the playlist although I would hesitate to put it on a mixtape to play in the car without a clear warning inserted before.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan