Episode 53: "We Depart Memphis Moon" by Unheard Sound Collective's Wasted Cathedral

Chris Laramee’s synth based Wasted Cathedral project takes a darker turn in the realm of driving tunes. It has an even more persistent quality that propels it forward with a snarl. The 4-4 beat outpaces a resting heart rate just enough to keep us moving. A simmering acid synth bass line rolls underneath like endless dashed road lines while a hazy synth pad flows by. This is the perfect soundtrack to a midsummer, windows down, all night drive down unfamiliar highways lit only by headlights and the spectral glow of the dashboard. The hulking figures of roadside attractions cast in stark relief for only a moment as they catch the edge of the high beams, casting monstrous shadows that quickly disappear into the night.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan