Episode 49: "Nahanni" by Unheard Sound Collective's Surely I Come Quickly

Saskatoon’s Aron Zacharias records and performs as Surely I Come Quickly. Nahanni as some of the same minimal sonic characteristics as Davachi’s Feeler iscussed earlier. The repeating refrain of a muffled bass and dusty tonal loop sound as if they were sampled from an obscure old melodrama. This loop is carried along and united by a delicately layered drone of soft brass tones. The narrative element suggested by the looped melodic structure against the drone tone creates a feeling of being trapped in time, where something is always about to happen but never quite does, a playful riposte to the project name. I connect this protracted expectancy to the experience of driving through a nearly featureless landscape, trying to avoid asking ‘are we there yet?’ too often.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan