Episode 48: "Feeler" by Unheard Sound Collective's Sarah Davachi

Davachi is an accomplished synthesist with an expertise in vintage gear. Her patiently arranged durational works invite immersion in their sparing minimalism. The production quality in Feelerseems to allow in all of the patina of decaying media, connecting the history of the instrumentation to the musical form. Feeler’s tonal progression means that strictly speaking it is not a drone piece although it does have that same meditative quality. In its affect, the track shares an affinity with the melancholic starkness of endless miles of monochromatic fields across the prairie. It has a soundtrack feel to it that makes me think of a long tracking shot of someone in the backseat of a car, head against the window, staring off into middle distance at nothing and everything all at once.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan