Episode 47: "Sustrans" by Unheard Sound Collective's VC Vibes

Jon Vaughn has been at the forefront of activity around experimental audio and related arts in Saskatoon for many years. His 2014 album Heathers n Panospria under the project name VC Vibes occupies a charming middle ground at the heart of his practice where wild experimentation is tempered by an astute and highly personal musical sensibility. On Sustrans this sensibility shines through brilliantly. Built around a simple harmonic sequence of washy pad sounds overlaid with a steady hazy hiss of line noise, Sustrans s worked at by the introduction of ringing percussive sounds; the elegant beauty of the tonal elements are offset by staccato passages of flatly compressed noise like a shorted line. Again it’s that balance between musicality and noise that hits a sweet spot and reminds me of the combination of bright colours and raw materiality in personal, homemade roadside attractions.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan