Episode 43: "We Were the Pulse of a Wire Pulled Tightly" by Unheard Sound Collective's Kate Carr

Carr uses the physicality of material in this track as the sound of a taut wire being struck weaves around dusty undulating tones. Precisely engineered panning effects create the effect of the sounds seeming to emerge from different parts of the listeners skull when heard through headphones. Like much of The Story Surrounds Us, this track develops tonal structures beautifully, creating arrangements that unfold across time like discovering something new. The sound of the wire and its reference in the title put me in mind of the ubiquitous wire fencing running along the side of the roads and highways chopping up the province into a patchwork trapezoid. Seeing those wires always makes me want to stop and listen closely to random sounds reverberating along their indeterminate length.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan