Episode 42: "Light Thread Burning" by Unheard Sound Collective's Joda Clément

Considering that Clément’s Time + Place as released on the same label as Block’s Dissolution, (Jason Lescaleet’s deftly curated Glistening Examples), it is not surprising that they share some of the same aesthetic sensibilities. Patient layering of discrete and subdued sounds and the convolution evident in the reverb of the sounds is very much indicative of a specific time and space. This perception of location is complexified by the contradictory cues inserted into the arrangements. Clément’s process is significant here. In a recent interview, he referred to the album as “lifestyle music.” He combines field recordings gathered over the years, (and whose provenance he’s sometimes simply forgotten), in creating a meticulously arranged sound work. This notion of assemblage using artefacts of the mundane relates directly to repurposing old materials in the creation of what I referred to earlier as personal roadside attractions. The handmade DIY aesthetic speaks to a familiarity and care for the materials at hand, creating works with a unique character that is about specificity and intimacy.

Show Notes:

Elan Morgan