Art Dates & Location

July 5th – September 6th

Art Gallery of Regina
2420 Elphinstone St
Regina, SK   S4T 7S7
(right on the front lawn)
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Sean Whalley was curated by Art Gallery of Regina.

Artist Bio

Sean W. Whalley was born in St. Catharines, Ontario, which was once part of the world’s largest broad-leaf forest, a fact which greatly influences his work today. Currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Regina, he is head of the sculpture department.

Artist Statement

Nature Pods, an outdoor installation made with a steel armature covered in branches and twigs, is a re-examination of the park space it sits on. While inhabiting its locale it is also a quiet challenge to re-imagine our disposal and use of bio waste and our ways of inhabiting urban spaces. Though trimming and clearing hedges, bushes and trees may be undertaken to remove old material or dead-fall it also clears the natural hiding spaces and homes of animals living in Urban Environments. Nature Pods gently suggests there are more creative ways to live with-in and to make living spaces in-tune with the environment and are in harmony with earth’s natural cycles.