Art Dates & Location

July 1st – August 31st

Allen Sapp Gallery
1 Railway Ave
North Battleford, SK   S9A 2Y6
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Lionel Auburn Peyachew was curated by Allen Sapp Gallery.

Artist Bio

Lionel is an associate professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at the First Nations University of Canada. In 2000, he graduated with an MFA from the University of Calgary and has since been teaching sculpture, Indian art history, traditional Indian art and painting. He also has a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Lethbridge and the Alberta College of Art and Design. Lionel has been a practicing artist for most of his career and has been awarded with five major public commissions since completing his thesis specializing in sculpture. Peyachew has won numerous awards including three with the Canada Council for the Arts and three awards with the Aboriginal Achievement for the Arts.

Artist Statement

Artists are like inventors who continue to search for ways to enhance curiosity. Art that coalesce today’s culture and historical context will realize an alternative experience. When I create my artwork I question the historical and present function of objects by altering its natural state and juxtaposing the form to another realm of experience. Boredom is triggered by repetition and common objects that are passé. As an artist I aim to remedy the redundant. I take control by seizing an object and dismantling it to a point of non-recognition, to a point of renewal, to a point of curiosity, angst and even to a point of making the audience question, why? I like to take the ordinary and put it through a grinder and deform utilitarian objects to confine the esthetic and captivate the interest of the mind. I aim to alternate the subject matter that will alienate its association to the context of the conventional.