Art Dates & Location

July 11th – August 31st

Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library
2311 - 12th Ave
Regina, SK   S4P 0N3
(in the Sunken Garden outside the front doors on the north side of the building)
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Babak Golkar was curated by Dunlop Art Gallery and exhibited in Regina.


Artist Bio

Babak Golkar was born in Berkeley in 1977 but spent most of his formative years in Tehran until 1996 when he moved to Canada. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from Emily Carr Institute in 2003 and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in 2006. Since then, Golkar has been researching diverse subjects and refining a conceptual vocabulary and has developed an active career exhibiting works both internationally. His subjects of research have especially emerged from his interest in spatial analysis in relation to our contemporary conditions. In merging and examining originally discrete systems and forms, asserting underlying unity as well as antagonistic elements, Golkar engages a critical inquiry into cultural and socio-economical registers. Recently, his long-rem research based practice has focused on art’s valuation and the significance of the object and its role in valuation systems.

Golkar works and resides in Vancouver.

Artist Statement

Made In Canada (2018) is an artwork resembling a highway sign. Whereas, a road sign provides information on what is to be expected ahead and never what has been left behind, Made In Canada provides a piece of admission that can stretch the time from the past, projecting onto the future. The text on the main body of the piece reads “WE ARE SORRY”, while the tab on the upper right-hand corner–in a much smaller type–spells out “FOREVER”, reflecting on our past dark moments in Canadian history; Moments, not only with the colonial takeover of the country and the mistreatments of the First Nations, but also the ongoing treatment and attitudes towards other minority communities, including the Doukhobors.